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Our factory can provide customized canned meat and a variety of products with different meat content. We use the most advanced technology to ensure the freshness, nutrition and taste of our products. Our products are widely used in restaurants, supermarkets and households all over the world.

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We have been focusing on providing high-quality food to our customers for over 10 years. With advanced technology and equipment, we aim to produce safe and healthy food with rich nutrition value. All the ingredients used in our production process meet the industry standards set by relevant authorities. We strive to provide excellent services to satisfy each customer’s needs while keeping up with the latest trends in the industry.

  • Professional Experience

    Professional Experience

    Strict Quality Control,manufactures Direct Sales,no Middleman Profit Margin,with Twenty Years’ Production Experience,we have been providing Quality Products And Professional Services To Customers In More Than Twenty-five Counties And Regions.

  • Health Certificate

    Health Certificate

    We have HACCP, ISO Certificate, Health Certificate and the Certificate of Origin.

  • Wide Plant Area

    Wide Plant Area

    We have a vast area for production, with modern equipment and advanced technology. It offers an efficient production process and high-quality products to meet customers' needs. The staff are professional and dedicated to providing the best possible service.

  • Product Diversity

    Product Diversity

    Our factory has a variety of canned meat products for customers to choose from. We offer different flavors and ingredients to suit all tastes, as well as custom-made options tailored specifically to your needs. With an ever increasing selection of flavors, styles, and sizes available, there's something for everyone at our factory!


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Join Us

Join Us

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity and a rewarding career in canning production, join us now! We offer competitive salaries and flexible hours as well as great benefits. With our experienced team of experts, we guarantee excellent quality products derived from the freshest ingredients. Join us today to create canned food that's good for your health!

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Our OEM&ODM service for canned meat providers includes production of specialty ingredients, customized packaging and labeling, private branding and more. We are dedicated to providing superior quality products that meet your unique requirements. Our skilled engineering team develops innovative solutions to fit your specific needs.

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  • Nanjing Food Fair

    Sichuan Huiquan Canned Food Co., Ltd. participated in the Nanjing Food Expo today and showcased our canned luncheon meat products to potential customers. Our team enthusiastically introduced our high-quality products to visitors who stopped by our booth.The exhibition provided an excellent oppor...

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  • Dubai Fair

    On February 22nd, 2023, Sichuan Province Canned Food Factory  participated in an exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center. The exhibition was organized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and showcased various products such as canned food, beverages, health products and cosmetics.  ...

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  • How to eat canned high-quality luncheon meat?

    Huiquan canned luncheon meat is a nutritious food that people like to eat. Do you know how to eat canned luncheon meat? Take a look at our recommendations. Huiquan canned luncheon meat has good tasty, individual package, and it’s easy to carry. We use aseptic canning for safety and trusted by cu...

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